The adventures of a veterinarian with lots of practical advice but no practical experience on raising a puppy.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why do puppies chase feet...

... and why would I shoot several minutes of video of her chasing my feet? I'm sure all of you out there understand - I'm addicted to taking pictures of my dog. Darcy is naturally a calm, well mannered little girl, loves to get into adorable poses and so I guess my instinct is to snap a (few) pictures! Nothing wrong with that right? I feel so accepted, I know everyone reading this probably has several (hundred) pictures of their dogs on their camera... right? OK so it's not that bad but I do have to balance it out - one of the kids, one of Darcy - and so on.

Lately she is a bit more wild when outside running in the tall grass. It seems to be some sort of energy source. She almost turns into a different dog when her ears are blowing in the wind and the sun warms her red ringlets. How amazing to experience your first Spring and honestly not have a care in the world. Darcy has found everything about the change of seasons to her liking and is right at home with the top off the Jeep. She sees birds, hears the frogs and has experimented by chewing on some pretty icky stuff in the yard. She seems to fear nothing and I'm already thinking about all the fun the summer will bring. I decided tonight to buy some sort of contraption that will allow her to ride along on my bike.

So I've posted the video of her running around chasing my feet. It will be so fun when she is an old lady to look back at this moment in time and remember all that fuzzy hair. When she looks up at the camera the expression is priceless. I've caught evidence that she DOES potty outside and also some evidence that when I call her name she doesn't always come running. She and my 4 year old son seems to be in the same stage of development. In my defense she usually comes when I call but the 4 year old still needs some work.