The adventures of a veterinarian with lots of practical advice but no practical experience on raising a puppy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lessons Learned Part 1

What I've learned so far...

1. I am absolutely not cut out for anything larger than the puppy shown in the above picture. I say kudos to ANYONE who is able to chase after, keep up with or clean up after a puppy bigger than 3 pounds 7 ounces at 14 1/2 weeks of age.

2. Even though she is able to charm the pants off of everyone she meets - this puppy does eat cat poop. I now have an elaborate system of gates and cardboard boxes blocking access. I have also gotten out the baby gate and converted the kitchen into a puppy pen. I keep reminding myself, "An unsupervised puppy is a puppy in trouble"!

3. My voice can go really high-pitched when I say, "Does Darcy need to go potty" or the ever popular, "Darcy is such a smart puppy".

4. I have a lot of people say, "Oh! It's real!". I'm still trying to figure out why they think I would be carrying around a stuffed dog or statue of a poodle...

5. Darcy and I seem to have similar taste. We are both high maintenance. She has demonstrated an uncanny ability to make herself at home in Nordstroms.

6. We are going on vacation next week and our hotel does not allow pets! Why wouldn't you welcome a darling little dog like Darcy? My loyalty to Marriott may be a thing of the past!

7. No matter how many dog toys we have the pile of leaves on the deck have provided WAY more entertainment!

8. If your puppy is sleeping with you and she wakes up a little bit earlier than you would like - keep a stash of Greenies beside the bed! Darcy has a Greenie EVERY morning about 5:30 while I am multitasking - sleeping and at-home pet dental care all at the same time!

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  1. Hi Darcy,

    Twix told us about you so I came over to welcome you to blogland. You sure do have lots of hair! It sounds like you already have your mom well trained. Those hoomans think they run things but us little doggies have a way of getting our way. BOL