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Monday, August 9, 2010

Where did the summer go?

So much going on and the summer has passed us by. Darcy has enjoyed the heat, water, sun, fun and has grown into... well lets just say she's grown. She hasn't grown much in stature, she seems to be destined for the 5 lb mark. Slim, trim and too busy to eat but just the perfect size to tote anywhere and everywhere. She's grown in a sense that she has seen more of the world. She has had so many firsts and has taken everything in stride - wide eyed and cool as a cucumber.

She has had her first dip in the pool and is a natural swimmer. She has played with her first litter of kittens, stayed in a hotel, stood on a rock in a cool river, seen fireworks, heard summer thunderstorms, caught endless frogs and bugs and has truly learned to appreciate air conditioning. She has crossed Kansas and looked out the window to gaze at Pikes Peak. She stood tall on a boat with the wind in her ears and got her own lifejacket. She slept in a tent and tasted s'mores, the consummate camper.

But - I guess some things will never change. She still tips her food over before she eats it and she is still relentlessly chasing the cat. She loves every dog she has ever met - some more enthusiastically than others. She loves the car and tolerates the crate. She owns my office and has more than one person catering to her every whim. She still loves her green bed the best and still sleeps at my feet.

So, no matter what changes I've had a ball watching her test the waters. I've decided to include the pictures most representative of her summer. Two pictures are from our camping trip to Crested Butte, CO. She stuck her head into a hole and luckily didn't meet up with whatever made that hole! She had no fear of the frigid river and loved watching the kids play on the rocks. Also, "Captain" of the pontoon. Although her favorite part of boating is the usual picnic lunch that seems to accompany the ride, I pretend that she is sniffing the wind and reminding herself what a lucky little puppy she is.


  1. Sounds like Darcy has had a busy summer training you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Sound like you had a busy summer. We are hoping for some cooler weather here in NH.

  3. The summer has gone by so quick!

  4. Sounds like Darcy had a fun-filled summer with those activities. :)

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