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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As the mother of a 9 year old girl I guess I could choose to stick my head in the sand. I could just assume that she is a smart and generally self assured little girl and should be able to figure some things out herself. After all, I know my Mom & Dad showed me a book at some point but my memory of the actual "facts of life" talk is a little vague. With TV, Facebook, texting, movies and 1000 other little girls around will I really have to tell her straight up? For now she is blissfully unaware and I'm loving it. She thinks boys are icky, kissing is icky and Daddy kissing Mommy is extra icky. So far so good!

Darcy on the other hand seems to have a crush. This isn't Bieber fever or me mooning over Josh Groban. I think it is generally a good thing that I approve of the fellow - he seems to be a fine, upstanding guy. He seems to appreciate her for her amazing personality, not just her long legs, flaming red hair and flawless teeth. They are comfortable with each other and don't have any of the gut wrenching insecurities that come with typical teenage love. They greet each other passionately, cuddle and touch whenever possible and are just happy to be together. They are not afraid to proclaim their love to the world and just when it gets all mushy - wham - full body contact puppy wrestling. Snickers is young and will find a great home with a wonderful family soon. Darcy will just be a memory and he will move on to other crushes - kids, neighborhood dogs and a variety of Petsmart goodies. He will remember something about her consistent, gentle love. He will know that she welcomed him into HER environment with open arms and just shared, no strings attached. She won't be heartbroken - just happy.

I guess I need to face facts that my kiddos are growing up and that loving is part of the deal. I'm imagining the tears, heartbreak, and raging hormones. I'm trying to figure out how to negotiate the dangers of social media, cell phones and the internet. I'm hung up on how scary this will all be for me and not realizing that it will shape my children into the adults they will become. The example my husband and I set for them, the choices and decisions they make in their own relationships AND my ability to remain sane will help to define how they will treat others. Amazing!

Life lessons, love lessons - courtesy of Darcy.


  1. What a great pic, and Snickers does look so handsome. Are you sure he isn't her Mr. Darcy? How can you separate them?? Ok, maybe I'm hoping true puppy love prevails..

  2. ..,what a great photo.,looks like you're so fresh.,I mean you look neat and clean..

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