The adventures of a veterinarian with lots of practical advice but no practical experience on raising a puppy.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The countdown begins...

In two days I will be flying to Daytona Beach, Florida. Just flying in and flying out. Leaving KCI at 9AM and getting home at 11PM. One carry-on with a laptop, book and some candy. Oh, I'm also taking a pet carrier, empty on the way out and full of fur on the way back. I'm going to get Darcy, our new toy poodle puppy. Going to bring her back to this frozen tundra we call home and see what happens when her little poodle feet hit that snow for the first time.

A little background, as a veterinarian, I have NEVER had a puppy. Hard to believe. I spend a good bit of my day giving people advice on all things puppy - food, training, health care, behavior problems, etc. Sleep in the bed or sleep in a crate? Potty on a paper or potty outside? Should puppies really have rules?

So here is where the tables are turned. I will see if I can take my own medicine, follow my own advice and do what it takes to end up with a happy, well-rounded puppy. I should start tomorrow by reading those handouts that I actually wrote! Those handouts that we KNOW contain so much valuable information but do people actually read them? Do people soak up any of that advice I so easily dish out or is it just an endless stream of ideas and concepts - too difficult to actually implement? I hope to find out!

Meet Darcy, born October 24, 2009 and soon to arrive in Missouri. I hope flying with a puppy is easier than flying with kids - I'll let you know! I invite you to follow along with our adventures as this puppy invades our lives and hearts.

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  1. This is going to be fun? I hope it is fun for you. Did you see "Julie and Julia". This is "Abby and Darcy".