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Monday, January 18, 2010

Darcy vs. Mario

I wasn't sure how Darcy would fit into our family unit. Would the kids lose interest? Would she cling to me and ignore everyone else? Would I be the only one with an emotional attachment to this puppy our would we each develop some kind of bond in our own time? It has been interesting to see our kids, Harper (8) and Owen (4) start to modify their day-to-day activities with the expectation that Darcy will be a participant now.

As I walked in tonight Owen shouted, "Harper, Darcy is here!" I had to remind him that his mother was actually carrying the puppy and he hadn't seen me all day either. His interaction so far is a lot of laughing and giggling, usually associated with Darcy either licking or tickling him. He likes to call her while making a little clicking sound and then squeals when she tackles him. He has plans to teach Darcy all about Transformers and is determined that she will eventually fetch the tiny yellow tennis ball.

Harper has been the primary cuddler, coming to Darcy's rescue when it seems she may actually have to walk from point A to point B. She has been a huge help so far - all that cuddling makes for pretty effective supervision! Darcy is perfectly content to sit and watch Harper at the computer, watch Harper read or watch Harper watching TV. Darcy has been left in her crate at mealtime and Harper will rush through her dinner - frantic to stop the shrill squeaks coming from the laundry room. I tell her how as a baby she cried to be let out of her crib but she doesn't buy it.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can see the look of joy and contentment in Harper's face. A little girl and a the puppy of her dreams. You can see Owen, posing for the picture just like I asked him to - eyes firmly fixed on Mario Kart!

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