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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Darcy, you're not in Florida anymore!

Welcome to Missouri in the winter! Yesterday on my way to work Darcy and I ended up in the middle of a multi-car pileup. I'm not sure how many total individual wrecks contributed to this mess but we were the tan Explorer right in the middle! I had insisted that she stay in her crate in the front seat and although she protested it turns out that was a great idea! As the police officer was pulling me through the passenger window and cars were crashing into me from the drivers side - I cried, "I'm not leaving my puppy!". So as we were huddled by the side of the road while they tried to figure out who crashed into who, Darcy seemed amazed by the sirens and buzzing activity. It was COLD so we sat in the ambulance for a good bit of the wait and I really had to resist snapping a picture of her sitting on the stretcher. I had calmed down by that point and the newbie blogger started to take over. Hmmmm, I wonder if that paramedic would mind posing for a picture with the oxygen mask... it would have made for a great post! I guess we'll settle for a picture of the crash instead. The great news is that NO ONE was hurt but my car situation is in limbo. I've been maneuvering for a new car but it makes me sentimental and sad to think about my car being "totaled"! I had visions of a different mom, kid and dog (hopefully light color to blend with the hair already there) riding in it - not ending up at some junkyard or auto auction. So we will find out more next week. In the meantime I'm officially calling this a TIP: consider keeping those dogs in carriers while traveling in the car! She stayed secure and I was easily able to just grab the carrier. That would have made a huge difference had I also been trying to get kids out. Stay safe!

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  1. Sorry that happened to you! I see you are starting to understand why I take my camera anywhere I take Twix....and why I take 45 photos when you are in the room with her!