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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Miss Innocent

Milestone today! We had to leave Darcy alone for the first time. I worked this morning and Harper had a friend over so Darcy's presence was needed at home! They played and fussed over her but the time eventually came - they went and she stayed. I had suggested leaving her in the laundry room with access to her bed, the potty pad, food, water, etc. I couldn't imagine that she would do anything remotely unladylike let alone cause any problems (gasp!). We are now in the market for a new car so after a couple hours at the dealership we rushed home to rescue what was sure to be a lonely puppy. Well, Darcy discovered something really fun during those unsupervised hours. Something I thought was surely beneath her. Something that only bad dogs get into - CAT LITTER! The bad news is that she created some new form of concrete by mixing cat litter + water + newly groomed poodle hair. I was able to scrub it off her legs but will be chipping it up off the floor well into the night. The little chalky white footprints are actually kind of cute...

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