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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My bag is packed and I'm ready to go. I'm still a bit in denial about my agenda for tomorrow - It will be a first AND I usually don't like to travel alone. I have good intentions for all that down time in the airport and have packed some end of year statistics to "review". I could probably get a lot of work done but... it is my day off! I'll watch Pride & Prejudice to honor Darcy's namesake, spend some quality time with my iPod and I'm hoping to find a new book at the airport.

I have heard that traveling with a pet as a carry on may not make me the most popular gal on the flight. I'm sure you could complete this sentence: "I'd rather sit by a tiny poodle on a plane than a ____________________ (fill in the blank). However I'll admit it makes me nervous. I'm predicting that Darcy is already near perfect so I can't imagine there will be any barking, whining, howling, pooping or peeing taking place on the plane. I'm sure she will be content riding in a little box under a seat in a loud airplane.

So just like when I see a frazzled Mom on an airplane trying to soothe a screaming infant, I'll have a healthy new respect for those traveling with pets. Maybe those pets are seasoned travelers like Paris Hilton's little "Tinkerbell" but keep in mind that the little whimper (or bark) you hear might be a scared little puppy who just got taken away from her Mommy, Sister and Aunts. I'll just turn up my music and give that gal a reassuring smile.

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  1. "I'll watch Pride & Prejudice to honor Darcy's namesake"

    I was hoping that is where you got the name even though your Darcy is a girl. I LOVE P&P.