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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ryan has christened me "crazy dog lady" after I figured out that Darcy rides really well in my purse. She fits perfectly and likes to poke her head out the top. As I was watching Harper's basketball game last weekend someone finally noticed that there was a puppy in my bag. "Oh, it's real! I thought it was stuffed" was all he could say and I could tell from the look on his face that he was trying to decide which is nuttier - a lady with a stuffed toy dog sticking out of her purse or a lady carrying a tiny red poodle. I just smiled and yelled, "Nice rebound!".

I left the house today and fully intended to leave her here. I know she needs to learn how to spend time in her crate because my parents will be dog-sitting in a few weeks when we are on vacation. I want her to feel comfortable being left for a couple hours and to stay in her crate without howling and crying. So... she ended up in her travel bag and in the car with us. I had to get a quick allergy shot and get my eyebrows waxed. Two short errands and I knew she would be OK in the car for a few minutes. Long story short they ended up working me in for a haircut and Darcy made the rounds in the salon, of course everyone wanted to hold her! She slept peacefully on my lap while I got my haircut (Owen played his DS of course) and I got another step closer to crazy dog lady status.

The funny thing is that the more days you walk around with a poodle in your purse the less crazy it actually seems. I guess that's where Ryan comes in - to keep my feet firmly planted in reality and to give me a heads up when people are whispering about me and my wiggling purse.

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  1. your blog...I am your sister Amy's friedn from Omaha who has three dogs...english bulldog,goldendoodle and std poodle.i took the bulldog to work with me in kansas city for a year...he would sit in the car while i worked and we would walk the plaza at night...he was quite the i know about living with your dog in tow . My husband now takes them to work with him every morning...they love it.